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BlackBerry Messenger v8.0.0.44 BETA

ackBerry Messenger v8.0.0.44 BETA - BBM Channels is a new social networking feature within BBM that extends the sharing experience beyond your friendship circle –allowing channel creators to amass an unlimited number of followers.

Express yourself with BBM Channels. Create, edit & publish in an instant. Or connect to the people, communities and brands you love – receive timely posts and participate by commenting on, liking and sharing posts.

-Channel Profile - View personalised channel profiles for each BBM Channel including additional content helping to bring the channel to life such as a welcome messages, images, maps and more.
-Receive Posts - Stay up to date on the things that matter to you with instant updates from your subscribed channels. Receive notification when new posts are available and chose whether you would like to be notified.
-Engagement options - Get involved in conversations with your favourite communities by commenting on and liking posts from the Channels to which you have subscribed. Or share interesting posts with your BBM contacts.
-Chat (Coming Soon) - Get more personal with one to one conversations. Many BBM Channels allow subscribers to enjoy private conversations via BBM.
-Discovery - Easily find and share your favourite communities on BBM Channels. Check out which Channels are currently featured on the carousel. Channel invites can be shared between BBM contacts or add a Channel via PIN or QR code.
-User Controls - Be in control of your notifications with the BBM Channel mute button. It allows you to select exactly which subscribed channels you would like to receive notifications from.

1. Before downloading, please back up your contact list by displaying the menu within BlackBerry Messenger - Options - Back Up. (Available for users of BBM 5.0 and above.)
2. Please ensure that you are using RIM or carrier approved BlackBerry® Device Software to avoid compatibility issues that may result in loss of the BBM icon.
3. After installing the new version of BBM, please restart your device.

For all technical support with BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), please visit

File Size: 5.85 MB
Required: 5.0.0 or higher

Download BlackBerry Messenger v8.0.0.44 BETA
OS 5.0 (
OS 6.0 (
OS 7.0 (
OS 7.1 (

OS 5.0
OS 6.0
OS 7.0
OS 7.1

Untuk mendapatkan beta keynya silahkan kunjungi link >
Jika kamu sudah memiliki BBM 8 Beta Key, silahkan gunakan.
Jika belum, silahkan ikuti langkah berikut :
1. Login ke (login menggunakan bbid anda)
2. Download BBM Channel (BBOS)
3. Untuk melihat beta key silahkan cek email anda setelah selesai download BBM Channel di BetaZone.
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